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Call: 07828246098 | Email: matt@mattprosser.com

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Serving Keynsham, Bristol, Bath and the surrounding area

Matt Prosser


Call: 07828246098

I’m passionate about Photography!

I am a journeyman photographer proficient in all aspects of photography and photo-manipulation.

Photography is my passion; not my livelihood, which means I can offer low cost commissions to anyone who wants professional looking results but cannot afford professional rates.

Located in Keynsham I serve the Bristol, Bath and Surrounding Area.

If you have an idea for a creative photoshoot and want to see it realised without spending a fortune then call me to discuss the possibilities

My pricing policy is very simple. I charge a single affordable fee for each commission which includes all the planning, execution, and post production work as well as copyright waivers and/or commercial licensing of the images delivered. Any equipment hire is charged at cost price.



Discounts are available for interesting or exciting work that would entice me to do the job for free or at minimal cost. So be creative and give me a call


If you are keen to improve your own photography and would like some free advice, coaching or mentoring then contact me direct or add a post to my facebook page.

I can provide photo-critiques, suggest advanced techniques, create tutorials, point you in the right direction etc.


Are you a model looking to expand your portfolio for little or no cost? Well I am looking to expand my own portfolio of photographs as well. Contact me for a mutually beneficial photo shoot


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